About Us

Statistical Analysis Centers (SACs) are state agencies that collect, analyze, and disseminate justice data. They contribute to effective state policies through statistical services, research, evaluation, and policy analysis. There are 53 SACs in the U.S. and its territories. The SACs vary in their placement within the state government structures.

The MS-SAC is housed in the School of Criminal Justice at The University of Southern Mississippi. The mission of the MS-SAC is to provide sound statistical information in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the state’s criminal justice system. Since its creation, MS-SAC has had several publications, which includes in 2006-2009 Mississippi Drug Courts, 2007-2008 Disproportionate Minority Contact, and 2008-2009 Results of the Mississippi Crime Poll. The MS-SAC is currently conducting a crime and victimization poll designed to ascertain victimization experiences among Mississippi residents.

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